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My name is Mark Hoyle, and I have worked in the field of archaeology and archaeological illustration for 27 years, and am currently a full member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists - Graphics Archaeology Group (CIfA).
Please use this site to look at my portfolio, ranging from the usual pottery, small find and site plan illustrations through to various workshops and courses I run on archaeologial illustration. I have worked for clients such as Vindolanda Trust; Northern Archaeological Associates; Norfolk Wildlife Trust; The Institute of World Archaeology-Butrint; Pre-Construct Archaeology; Norfolk Archaeological Unit; Durham University; The Portable Antiquities Scheme; Northern Counties Archaeological Services; York University; Newcastle University, and many more.

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Why not just take a photograph is the question I get asked the most. But for me the answer is quite simple.
Photography produces a simple image of the reflected light from the object. An illustration, however, is something more. It can simply produce an accurate facsimile image, but can also include subtle interpretive accentuation. This is essentially born of the experience and innate skill of the illustrator, but is dictated by the original rationale in choosing an object for illustration. Often that rationale is simply, what is it you are trying to show? I hope this at least partially explains the value of illustration over photography.
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